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If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve no doubt come across a story about the Facebook event Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.


You’ve probably also heard that it was a joke, stupid, dangerous, and most importantly, pointless. This website is about sending the message that there ARE things we can do that will bring us closer to the truth.

Tell your elected officials you want to know

If you’re curious about what the government knows about UFOs, don’t storm Area 51. Stay behind that keyboard and get writing!

We’ve never been this close!

Since December 2017, we’ve known for a fact that the US government has been actively studying UFOs but has been unwilling to share its conclusions with the public.

The fact is, information that should never have been made secret is buried deep within a tangled mess of bureaucracy and secrecy laws.

For the first time since the beginning of the Internet era, we finally have the momentum to do something about this issue.

It’s up to us, the public, to come together and petition our elected officials to change the law so that information can start flowing out.

Taking Action

Want to succeed where previous generations failed? Here’s what to do:

1. Write your elected representatives

Recommended: Use to automatically find your local representatives and easily compose a message to them.

Manual Search: You can also find all of your representatives’ contact details (e-mail, phone, snail mail, social media…) by looking them up on and

Need some inspiration? Check the guide: What to Write Politicians

Don’t feel like writing yourself? Grab a template here: Letter Templates

2. Spread the Word!

For this to work, we need to engage as many people as possible. If you have a large social media reach, consider posting about on your profile.

Also consider taking the time to write journalists and ask them to cover this story. What’s your favorite TV channel, newspaper, blog, podcast? Do they have a contact e-mail?

Tell the world about and let’s NOT storm Area 51… Together!

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